Check for the Heart-Check Mark Infographic

Check for the Heart-Check Mark Infographic

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Check for the Heart-Check Mark

The Heart-Check mark is a simple tool to help you Eat Smart.  When you see it, you can be confident that a product aligns with the American Heart Association’s recommendations for an overall healthy eating pattern.

This is some of what it takes to be Heart-Check certified*:

Source of Nutrients –

Beneficial Nutrients (naturally occurring): 10% or more of the Daily Value of 1 of 6 nutrients (vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, protein or dietary fiber)

Limited in Bad Fats –

Saturated Fat: 1g or less per standard serving size and 15% or less calories from saturated fat; Trans Fat: Less than 0.5g per label serving size and per standard serving size. Products containing partially hydrogenated oils are not eligible for certification.

Limited in Sodium –

Sodium: One of four sodium limits applies depending on the particular food category: up to 140 mg, 240 mg or 360 mg per label serving, or 480 mg per label serving and per standard serving size.*

*All requirements listed apply to Standard Certification, see

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Certified Foods in the Grocery Store

Use Heart-Check’s digital grocery list tool when creating your shopping list to make smart, heart-healthy choices easier at the grocery store.

The digital grocery list is updated daily. It’s always ready for your next grocery run!

Young woman reading product list on phone and shopping.