Resuscitation Quality Improvement Program (RQI)®

Poor-Quality CPR is a Preventable Harm

The Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI)® Program is the performance improvement program from AHA that delivers quarterly training to support mastery of high-quality CPR skills. With RQI, healthcare providers have the confidence and competency to respond with life-saving patient care.
nurse practicing on RQI mobile Simulation Station

Verified, high-quality CPR competence is the new standard of care 

In the United States, only 25% of patients survive an in-hospital cardiac arrest; just 10% survive out-of-hospital emergencies. High-quality CPR is the single highest determinant of survival from cardiac arrest.

RQI methodology offers a new standard of care that shifts resuscitation practice from course completion to everyday competence. 

The RQI program is grounded in America Heart Association evidence-based science and educational principles.