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Infant CPR Anytime® Training Kit

Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. Learn the lifesaving skills of CPR with the all-New Infant CPR Anytime® Training Kit, a great solution for new parents and families with infants. It’s beneficial for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) hospitals training new parents and families who want to learn how to be prepared for an infant emergency.

New Infant CPR Anytime Interactive Web-based App

The all-new training kit experience now includes the Infant CPR Anytime Interactive web-based app. This Interactive comprehensive self-facilitated web-based app allows you to enhance your CPR training experience by calling 9-1-1, performing CPR with breaths on infants.

Plus, the Infant CPR Anytime Training Kit is completely portable, so it is easy to continue sharing these important lifesaving skills with your community of family and friends, and everyone from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and besties – the list is endless to continuously share this lifesaving training opportunity. With 70% of cardiac arrests happening at home, the life you save could be someone you know or love. This training is best for those who do not require a card for work.

Learn. Practice. Share. Save the life of an infant.

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Infant CPR Anytime Training Kit

Training Kit

Course Topics Include:

  • Infant CPR – 12:30
    • Using Your Manikin
    • Steps Leading up to CPR
    • Pushes on the Chest (Compressions)
    • Giving Breaths
    • Practice While Watching: Putting it all together
  • Relief of choking in an infant – 4:32
  • Bonus Topics: Infant Injury Prevention – 9:13
    • Car Safety – 2:17
    • Drowning – 1:09
    • Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) - :54
    • Choking and Suffocation – 1:07
    • Falls – 1:04
    • Poisoning – 1:27
    • In Case of Emergency – an emergency action plan – 1:17

Course Features:

  • The kit is co-branded with the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • This self-facilitated, personal learning program is an all-in-one solution that includes everything you will need to complete high-quality training anywhere.
  • Includes access to the New Infant CPR Anytime Interactive web-based app to enhance your training experience on your mobile devices or tablet.
  • Skills are taught with the AHA’s research-proven practice-while-watching technique, which allows you to practice on a manikin while observing a demonstration of the skills in the video.
  • Refresh your skills as often as needed. When you finish, you can pass along the gift of CPR training to family and close friends.
  • No course completion card is offered. However, research shows that the CPR Anytime program is an excellent way to learn the core skills of CPR if you are unable to attend an in-person course.
  • Additionally, a Infant CPR Anytime Certificate of Participation (PDF) is available for download
  • A bilingual (English and Spanish) Streaming Link and user guide with QR code come with every kit.

What’s in my Infant CPR Anytime Training Kit?


  • 1 reusable bag for convenient storage
  • 1 Mini Baby® CPR personal manikin
  • 1 Mini Baby replacement lung
  • Access to an Infant CPR Anytime Community Resource Webpage that includes:
    • Bilingual streaming training videos in full animation (English and Spanish)
    • Bonus topics: Infant Safety and Injury Prevention Tips with a downloadable checklist (English and Spanish)
    • Infant CPR Anytime Interactive app that enhances your training experience and includes a participation badge to share via social media (English and Spanish)
    • Online educational reference materials: How to use the kit, Skills Reminder Card, Injury Prevention Checklist and more (English and Spanish).
    • Official Infant CPR Anytime® Certificate of Participation (English and Spanish)

Schammert's Story 

He was purple. The strongest color of purple that you could probably imagine. Minutes can be a matter of life or death. Thanks to CPR, we were able to bring Cameron back.

Infants need CPR with Breaths

Cardiac arrest can happen anytime anywhere. If a child or infant’s heart stops, you should provide immediate CPR - compressions with breaths - until help arrives.

Infants usually have healthy hearts. Often, an infant’s heart stops because the infant can’t breathe or is a having trouble breathing.

CPR with Breaths

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