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The American Heart Association is excited to launch the NEW AED Trainer!

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AHA-Approved AED Trainer 2023

The official AHA-approved AED Trainer

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Replicates real-life scenarios with precision
  • Aligns with our CPR Training Courses
  • Designed for convenience – beautiful and practical packaging
  • Highest standard of quality
  • Designed with our Instructors in mind

Affordable + Quality

As a leader in resuscitation science and education, the AHA is a trusted source for lifesaving training.
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Everything You Need!

  • Individual carrying case
  • Set of adult pads
  • Set of child pads
  • Set of adult connectors
  • Set of child connectors
  • Batteries (3) AA
  • Instructional Guide
  • 4 Pack Set: Includes a deluxe carrying case to conveniently hold (4) Individual AED trainers

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AED Trainer Replacement Supplies + More!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our AED Trainer is not just any trainer—it's a comprehensive learning system designed to elevate your CPR and AED training experience. Some of our special feature include:

  1. Five Immersive Scenarios: Dive into realistic, scenario-based training. Our AED Trainer offers you five different scenarios that will challenge skills and ensure students are well-prepared and comfortable using an AED.
  2. Tailored Audio Experience: Customize your training with precision. Choose from three distinct volume settings to adapt to your environment, ensuring that students can hear critical prompts and feedback clearly, whether you're in a quiet classroom or a noisy workplace.
  3. Automatic and Semi-Automatic Modes: Train according to your preferences. Our AED Trainer offers both automatic and semi-automatic modes, allowing your students to practice with.
  4. Optional Metronome: Keep high-quality compressions. The optional metronome feature helps your students to maintain the correct pace during chest compressions, ensuring that your life-saving efforts are both effective and align with the latest Guidelines. 

Our AED Trainer is packed with even more features and benefits to ensure the most comprehensive training experience possible.

We go the extra mile to ensure our Instructors are ready to start training immediately. When you purchase any of our kits, you'll find that each AED Trainer includes three (3) AA batteries.

Absolutely! Each AED Trainer will have its own set of child and adult pads, and its own set of child and adult pads connectors.

If purchase the 4-pack, each trainer will have its own set. Totaling 4 each.

Available now! We are excited to offer replacement pads and connectors at a competitive price.

The products numbers are listed below:

  • (20-3913) AED Trainer Adult Replacement Pad
  • (20-3912) AED Trainer Child Replacement Pad
  • (20-3911) AED Trainer Yellow Replacement Pad Connector (Adult)
  • (20-3910) AED Trainer Pink Replacement Pad Connector (Child)

Your training sessions should be smooth, efficient, and focused on learning. That's why we've designed the AED Trainer to be a pinnacle of user-friendliness for Instructors like you. With our system, getting started is as easy as following these straightforward steps:

  • Battery Installation: Simply insert the provided batteries, and you're all set. No need for complicated power sources or cords.
  • Pad and Connector Connection: Select the appropriate pads and connectors and connect them effortlessly. Our connectors are designed for a secure fit, ensuring that your training proceeds without interruptions.
  • Insertion Pads Connector: Insert the pads connector into the trainer.
  • Power Up: Once your trainer is prepared, all it takes is a firm press of the green "on" button. Your AED Trainer will come to life, ready to guide you and your students through the training!
  • Preselection Options: Even before your class begins, you have the flexibility to preselect your preferred volume, scenario, and language. This allows you to tailor the training experience to your specific needs.

With the American Heart Association AED Trainer, your role as an instructor becomes incredibly straightforward, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - equipping your students with life-saving skills and knowledge. Streamlined, reliable, and user-friendly.

Our AED Trainer offers a diverse range of training scenarios that simulate real-life emergencies. The scenarios have been carefully crafted to provide you with a well-rounded learning experience that align with our AHA Guidelines and courses. 

Here are the five included AED trainer scenarios:
  1. Shock/Shock/Shock
  2. Shock/No Shock/No Shock
  3. No Shock/No Shock/No Shock
  4. Shock/No Shock/Shock
  5. Shock/Shock/No Shock

More about our training supplies

More about our training supplies

Our AHA-approved CPR training products were designed with our Instructors in mind. Competitive pricing, beautiful packaging, and backed by the American Heart Association. Be proud of your training materials.

Showcase your dedication to quality training.

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AED Trainer Quick Start Guide

AHA AED Trainer Quick Start Guide

Unlock the power of the American Heart Association AED Trainer with our Quick Start Guide. Get up and running in minutes! 

Note: Included in each AED Trainer Kit

Download the Quick Start Guide

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