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Course Card Reference Guide

AHA Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) course cards are available only to authorized Training Centers (TCs) with a confidential security code issued by AHA National Center ECC Programs. Each student who successfully completes an AHA ECC course will be issued the appropriate course card, which bears an AHA logo. The TC conducting the course is responsible for card issuance and security through its instructors and Training Sites.

See the Course Card Reference for full details about AHA Course Completion Cards. (Updated: October 2023)

Please review the Course Card Reference Guide (PDF)

Please review the Supplemental Heartsaver Course Card Reference Guide (PDF)

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Access Your AHA eCard

  • View your eCard Profile
  • Verify an eCard

Lost Your Course Completion Card?

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How can I tell if my card is a valid AHA course completion card?

As a global leader in fighting heart disease and stroke, the American Heart Association training programs are of the highest quality. To verify you have completed a genuine AHA course, ensure your card looks like the one below.


eCards are a simple, secure, and convenient way to issue course completion cards. 

  • Students and employers can check training status of any eCard holder 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Align this card with the specific Training Center who issued it. 
  • To verify an eCard, go to and enter the eCard code or scan the QR code on the student eCard. 
  • All cards have a copyright notice.
  • The expiration date will appear as a 2-digit month, 4 digit year, and 2 years from the issue date. 
  • All information on the eCard is digitally populated based on the information entered by a valid Training Center Coordinator or Instructor. 
  • The Instructor ID is an added layer of security to ensure that each card can be traced back to a specific instructor, training center, and their internal course rosters. 
  • Employers may verify that an eCard is authentic by scanning the QR code on the eCard using a mobile device. Once the QR code is scanned, it will auto populate the
    Instructors credentials for the employee to verify.

Download the PDF that outlines the unique security features of the AHA eCard.

Checking Validity

To check the validity of an AHA course completion card, contact the Training Center that issued the card. The Training Center’s information can be found on the back of the card. You can also check our Course Card Reference Guide (PDF).

While other organizations may offer similar cards, it is important to recognize the differences between non-AHA cards and valid AHA course completion cards.

To check the validity of an AHA eCard, visit the My Cards page and enter the code found on the card. If the information is not found on the My Cards page, please visit RQI Card verification or CPRverify verification, for cards outside the U.S.

Course Completion Card FAQs

I lost my course completion card. How do I get a replacement?

It is the responsibility of the AHA Training Center to issue a duplicate card if a card is lost, mutilated or otherwise becomes unusable. All requests for duplicate or replacement cards must be submitted directly to the Training Center that issued the original card. Please note that a Training Center may charge a fee for reissuing a card.

I need more information on finding my lost card.

When can I expect to receive my course completion card from the AHA?

Training Centers must issue course completion cards within 20 days of successful course completion. Please contact your AHA Instructor or Training Center Coordinator if you have any questions about your card.

How do I make a change to the information on my Completion Card?

You will need to contact your Training Center to make any edits to your Completion Card (this is the case whether it is a printed card or an eCard).

When do I need to renew my course completion card?

Course completion cards are valid for two years through the end of the month during which the course completion card was issued. For more information, please refer to the Course Card Reference Guide (PDF).

My card is about to expire. How do I get a new one?

Contact an AHA Training Center near you to inquire about your options for renewing your course completion card. The Training Center will also be able to answer questions about class availability and cost. Find a Training Center near you or contact the Training Center that issued your previous card using the contact information on the back of the card.

If you don’t remember your Training Center’s information, here are some tips to help.

  • Ask a coworker or friend who took the class with you. The Training Center’s information can be found on the back of his or her card.
  • If your school or employer made the arrangements for the class, he or she should have the Training Center’s contact information.
  • Do you have a student manual/workbook from the class? It may have a label on it that includes the Training Center’s name.
  • Search for Training Centers with our Training Center Locator tool in the same area where you took the class.
  • If you are unable to get a response from your Training Center, please email [email protected], and include the following information:
    1. Name of Training Center
    2. Instructor’s First and Last Name
    3. City and State
    4. Details of your complaint

Is my AHA course completion card accepted in all US states?

Yes, AHA course completion cards are accepted in all US states.

Can I use my Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada course completion card for employment in the US?

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) works closely with the AHA. The HSFC provider card is recognized by the AHA and can be used for admission to an AHA provider course (renewal or update) or Instructor course in the same discipline. The HSFC Instructor card is recognized by AHA Training Centers the same way as an Instructor card issued by an AHA Training Center.

We suggest that you show your employer the AHA Course Card Reference Guide (PDF). to see pictures of HSFC cards and read about our relationship.