What to Expect from CPR, First Aid, and ECC Courses

Thank you for your interest in taking a course in CPR & ECC (Emergency Cardiovascular Care) from the American Heart Association. ECC's vision is of a world where no one dies from cardiac arrest and by getting trained in these skills, you are helping us to fulfill that mission.

Choosing a Course:

Selecting the correct course is very important. Some courses yield a course completion card and some do not; if you require this training for your job, please make sure to consult your employer to ensure you are purchasing the correct course. For help choosing the right course, visit our Find a Course page or Locate a Training Center.

Once you have identified the correct course, you can choose from the available training methods for that course (Not all training methods are available for every course). These include:

  • Instructor-led courses: 100% in a classroom, with an AHA Instructor
  • Blended learning courses: includes an online portion + an in-person skills-session with an AHA Instructor or Voice Assisted Manikin (VAM), where available
  • eLearning courses: 100% online and self-directed
  • CPR training kits: include materials to self-train or train in large groups

Purchase Course Materials: For some courses, your TC (Training Center) or employer will provide materials; make sure to ask them what you will need in class. If you need to purchase course materials, visit ShopCPR.Heart.org.


The cost for sessions is determined by the AHA Training Center offering the session. Training Centers will be able to answer your questions about availability and fees. Locate a Training Center.

Completing a Course:

Blended Learning Courses:

If you have selected a blended learning course, the cognitive (online) portion will be completed at eLearning.Heart.org. You may be assigned a course from your employer or your Training Center, or you may need to purchase it yourself at ShopCPR.Heart.org. You will also need to complete a hands-on skills session to complete the course (see below).

Instructor-Led Courses & Hands-On Skills Sessions:

If you have selected a classroom course, or your blended learning course requires a skills session, you will need to attend an in-person training with an AHA Instructor. Locate a Training Center by entering your course name and zip code. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, as you will spend time practicing the psychomotor skills involved in CPR training. Also, please consult your TC and Instructor to see if any specific course materials are required. For more information on what to expect, view our Course FAQs.

Upon successful completion of a course, you will receive a course completion card (if applicable) and be able to claim continuing education credits (if applicable). See below for more information.

After You Complete Your Course:

  • Claim your Course Completion Card if applicable. Course Completion Cards are physical cards or eCards that show completion of an AHA course. Your TC will give you instruction about receiving your course completion card. If they are sending you an eCard, expect an email directly from the Training Center or [email protected]. If the TC is issuing you a print card, they will give it to you on the date of the course or will provide specific detail about when to expect that card in the mail. If your TC has signed you up to receive your eCard via SMS text, follow the guidance of your Instructor on how to claim your card.
  • Claim your Continuing Education Credit if applicable. Some of our courses yield Continuing Education credit upon completion. For more information, view our Claim your CE Credits page.