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CPR & First Aid Anywhere Training Kit

Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. Learn and teach the lifesaving skills of CPR and First aid with our CPR & First Aid Anywhere Training Kit. Easily facilitated by anyone, this video-based kit can be used to train hundreds of individuals.

CPR in Schools Training Kit

Training Kit Information

Developed by the American Heart Association, the trusted leader in heart health and education, this kit incorporates the very latest science. Participants practice on a manikin while watching skills performed correctly on the DVD, a research-proven way to learn and retain lifesaving CPR skills.

Course Materials

CPR & First Aid Anywhere Training Kit (15-1082) ISBN: 978-1-61669-729-7

The training kit includes

  • 1 wheeled carry bag
  • 10 Mini Anne Plus inflatable manikins
  • 10 kneel mats
  • 10 individual carry bags
  • 5 practice-while-watching training DVDs
    (code to access streaming video is also included)
  • 1 hand pump for manikin inflation
  • 2 mesh collection and storage bags
  • 10 replacement airways
  • 50 manikin wipes
  • 10 replacement face masks
  • 10 AED training simulators
  • 1 facilitator binder with a facilitator guide

Kurt's Story 

When someone collapsed at his workplace, Kurt was not afraid to step in and perform CPR until emergency help arrived. About 20% of cardiac arrests happen in public places and it is important to remember that as a bystander, your actions can only help.

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