Bystander CPR

Don't be afraid. Give CPR. Save a life.

Someone — maybe a friend or even a family member — has cardiac arrest right in front of you. Their heart has stopped beating. They need help. What do you do?

A survey shows that only half of Americans would perform lifesaving CPR. That’s because the other half don’t know what to do, fear legal ramifications or hurting the victim, and think someone else will come to the rescue.

We get it. But the benefits of performing CPR far outweigh the risk and can double or triple the chance of survival. So don’t wait for someone else to step up. Learn and do CPR. You might even save someone you love.

Bystander in yellow shirt attempting CPR rescue of man in blue shirt

Kurt's Story 

When someone collapsed at his workplace, Kurt was not afraid to step in and perform CPR until emergency help arrived. About 20% of cardiac arrests happen in public places and it is important to remember that as a bystander, your actions can only help.

AHA Bystander Statement

New scientific statement reviews data on the experience of lay people who have performed CPR.

Read the AHA Bystander Statement

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Hands-Only CPR

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