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About the Community CPR Tracker

The AHA set some important 2020 health impact goals. By 2020, we aim to train 20 million people in the lifesaving skills of CPR. And, we want to double the out-of-hospital bystander CPR rate, from 31% to 62%. We can achieve these goals, but only with your help! To capture how many laypeople we’ve educated, we’ve created a self-service online Community CPR Tracker. This tracker will allow the AHA to collect standardized data on community CPR education activities.

The Community CPR Tracker is online, so it’s available 24/7 at your convenience. Everyone can participate because it’s free and easy to use. CPR education activities can be added on any day, at any time, by anyone. Once you add your activity, there’s nothing more for you to do. We do the rest! The AHA will audit the entries within 48 hours of your submission and contact you if we have any questions or need more information about a certain activity. We’ll calculate national education totals in June of every year, ensuring that your entries are included. The map has a real-time counter showing how many people have been trained in CPR to date. You can also search the map by zip code, radius, start date, end date, or training types to see where lifesavers have been trained in your community or other communities.

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