About CPR & ECC

The American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) trains millions of people globally every year by educating healthcare providers, caregivers, and the general public on how to respond to cardiac arrest and first aid emergencies.

ECC Mission

ECC's vision is of a world where no one dies from cardiac arrest. Every year, 350,000 people die from cardiac arrest in the United States.

Big number. Bigger opportunity.

With your help, we can bring that number down to zero.

ECC: 2020 Impact Goals

These goals focus on increasing survival from cardiac arrest and doubling the out-of-hospital bystander response.

Goal: Train 20 million people each year
Progress: 112% (22/3 million trained FY 16-17)

Goal: Double Bystander Response to 62%
Progress: 74% achieved (46.1% response rate FY 16-17)

Goal: Double Cardiace Arrest Survival
Out-of-Hospital (OOH) to 15.8%; and In-Hospital (IH) to 38%
Progress: 76% OOH (12% survival FY 16-17); 65% IN (24.8% survival FY 16-17)

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