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Here's How it Works

Our new organizational Scorecard, developed in partnership with leading science and workplace health volunteers, is designed to help you evaluate the comprehensiveness of your workforce health and well-being programs. Studies have shown that programs that are well-designed, fully implemented, and rigorously evaluated can lead to better employee health, productivity, and retention.
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Upon completion of the Scorecard, employers receive access to a free dashboard and benchmarking reports that outline the overall achievement (Platinum, Gold, Silver, etc.), and broken-out scores across different areas of focus such as:

  • Leadership support
  • Organizational policies and environment
  • Communications
  • Programs and interventions
  • Engagement
  • Community Partnerships
  • Reporting outcomes
  • Health equity
  • Organizational well-being

This dashboard allows the identification of critical gaps that can then be addressed by leveraging the resources in the Well-being Works Better Resource Center and by connecting with peers at other organizations.

Scorecard Resources

Get answers: Receive a complimentary analysis and specific recommendations for your organization, using our scorecard.

Get better: Improve employee health with our ready-to-launch initiatives, guides and resources. Create a competitive advantage for your company.

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