What is RQI?

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(Resuscitation Quality Improvement)

  • Presents realistic eSimulation patient cases
  • Includes mobile Simulation Stations placed on care floors throughout the hospital
  • Healthcare providers can refresh vital CPR skills in just minutes, retaining life-saving CPR skills and maintaining their course completion cards indefinitely.
  • Helps providers deliver competence-verified, high-quality CPR that leads to better patient outcomes.
  • Skills-sessions modules provide audio-visual coaching on critical components of high-quality CPR.
  • Data is archived in a Learning Management System (LMS) used to track and document individual student performance.

RQI Program Overview

To learn how the program can help improve resuscitation quality at your hospital, contact your AHA Account Manager.

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See how innovative, technology-based RQI ensures healthcare providers achieve and sustain high-quality resuscitation competency at the point-of-care.


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Guidelines for CPR & ECC

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