Welcome to the American Heart Association (AHA) Nation of Heartsavers™

The Nation of Heartsavers is a national movement around well-being, safety and emergency preparedness in our communities.
AHA and Ross CPR in Schools Program students

The AHA is accepting applications for a new recognition program honoring schools and school districts as a part of a Nation of Heartsavers. Schools that actively participate in educational programs such as CPR and First Aid training, and are active participants in STEM, nutrition programs, tobacco/vaping policies and have weekly student physical activity on campus may apply for the program.

The AHA serves in communities by uniting and supporting communities through policies, evidence-based programs, systemic change, and transforming environments. Together, utilizing these approaches we can make a difference growing our future leaders. We want to recognize your efforts as a school focused on well-being in your community.

To be recognized as a Nation of Heartsaver School or Heartsaver School District, complete the following application based on the criteria & benefits sent previously. Inaugural applicants that meet the criteria will be awarded an official Heartsaver School/School District certificate of recognition and Heartsaver School Digital Badge for the 2020-2021 school year. Find more information on the Nation of Heartsavers website.

We look forward to welcoming your school to the Nation of Heartsavers!

Criteria for Nation of Heartsavers Organizations

Becoming a part of the Nation of Heartsavers is easy. Submit your survey application to be recognized as an American Heart Association Heartsaver School or Heartsaver School District under the following criteria:

  • To be an American Heart Association Heartsaver School, the school must meet the following five areas:
  1. CPR & AED Training
  2. Tobacco & Vaping 
  3. Kids Heart Challenge and American Heart Challenge 
  4. Whole School Program – Student & Staff Well-being
  5. STEM Program
  • CPR & AED Training
    • Have a written cardiac emergency response plan (CERP) that establishes specific steps to take action in a cardiac emergency in a school.  
    • Have an established cardiac emergency response team that can be activated to respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).
    • AEDs are strategically placed within the school so that it can be retrieved it and deliver a shock within three to five minutes of collapse. 
  • An AED program with these five components: 
    • Medical oversight
    • First Aid CPR & AED Training 
    • Coordination with EMS 
    • Regular AED maintenance (battery and Pads)
    • Ongoing quality improvement to monitor training
  • Have emergency equipment for a SCA – at minimum a working AED, a CPR mask/face shield, scissors, razor, latex-free gloves, and towel.
  • Ensure sufficient number of trained responders—including staff and, in some cases, students.  Ideally, schools should strive for current training of all staff in first aid CPR, and AED use. 
    • Training should include three critical components:
      • Call 911
      • Press hard and fast on the chest 
      • AED use
  • CPR skills practice (psychomotor skills): CPR course training with skills practice during training.
  • Conduct an annual CERP practice drill(s) to familiarize staff with the plan. 
  • Integration of CERP with local EMS, Fire and Police.  Review copy of plan with these departments, sharing location of on-site AEDs. 
  • Annual review and evaluation for CERP plan with school leadership and emergency response team.
  • Heartsaver School District, all schools in the school district must meet the Nation of Heartsavers School criteria. 
  • Tobacco & Vaping
    • Include and enforce a policy that prohibits tobacco use, including e-cigarettes, by students, staff and visitors on ALL school grounds and at ALL school-sponsored events.
    • Include and enforce a policy that prohibits any donations or curriculum from any tobacco-related industry, including the e-cigarette industry.
    • Include and enforce a tobacco/vaping policy that provides supportive solutions (prevention programs, counseling, or cessation support) to students who use or possess tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.
  • Kids Heart Challenge and American Heart Challenge
    • Include and promote a policy to further your students’ physical and emotional well-being.
    • Promote healthy school meal program and nutrition education, regular physical education and physical activity opportunities for their students and a wellness program for faculty.
    • Actively participating in programs such as Kids Heart Challenge
    • Actively participating in programs such as American Heart Challenge 
    • Active school district participation in the Kids Heart Challenge and the American Heart Challenge program 
  • Whole School Program – Student & Staff Well-being
  • (link opens in new window)(link opens in new window)STEM Program
    • Include a STEM program or curriculum in place for students
    • Include a STEM training or mentorship program for teachers and faculty
  • Stated criteria remain the same throughout the year of the survey application but are subject to change with prior notice from AHA year to year. 
  • The AHA reserves the right to visit schools to validate the accuracy of information reported in applications, at a acceptable time.
  • The AHA reserves the right to evaluate each survey application in its entirety.
  • The AHA’s decision regarding the recognition of any organization is final. 
    Schools that receive the Nation of Heartsavers distinction agree that the AHA has the rights to feature them, including testimonials, photos and school/district information, on its blog, website and printed materials.
  • The Nation of Heartsavers seal, if granted, may be used for a period of one year, beginning at the time of approval. Schools must re-apply annually.
  • Usage rights are outlined under the benefits section below. Recognized school will receive detailed guidelines regarding the usage of the seal.

Benefits for Nation of Heartsavers Schools or Heartsaver School Districts

Schools and/or School Districts receive benefits as soon as they are confirmed as a Heartsaver School or Heartsaver School District under the Nation of Heartsavers criteria. The program offers resources and materials to help promote organizational awareness, safety and emergency preparedness, in addition to wellness information to employees and consultation on CPR and AED training programs.

Organizations that achieve the Nation of Heartsavers, Heartsaver Schools recognition can receive:
  • An official recognition letter sent from the AHA
  • A recognition certificate to display at your school
  • Recognition on the AHA program website at Heart.org/NationofHeartsavers
  • The rights to use the annual AHA Heartsaver School recognition seal within your school, such as, communications to employees (e.g. intranet company newsletters, posters) and external communications related to recruitment and local community events (e.g. school website, social media, recruiting tools for job fairs). Please note that the seal may not be used in your school’s external marketing, public relations or advertising efforts.
  • Schools recognized may issue one local press release announcing their recognition as a 2021 American Heart Association Heartsaver School or 2021 American Heart Association Heartsaver School District. Recognized schools will receive a press release template. The local AHA must approve all final press releases prior to release.
Get honored for all your efforts as a Heartsaver School or Heartsaver School District in your community by completing the survey today.