AHA Instructor Network Access Troubleshooting Tips

In order to help TCCs and Instructors troubleshoot issues frequently encountered by the AHA’s National Engagement Center, we have provided the following self-service troubleshooting tips:

Common Issue:
Instructors do not see content for AHA Instructors on their Instructor Network Dashboard. According to the TCC, they are approved Instructors with the TC.

Common Reason:
This usually indicates Instructors have created a second account that does not include their TC alignment. Usually this happens because the email address used to create the account is no longer in use by the Instructor.

Troubleshooting Tips:
To assist Instructors with this, TCCs can provide their Instructors the email address associated with their alignment. TCCs can locate an Instructor’s aligned email address by following these steps:
1. Login to your TCC account
2. Click the Manage Instructors link in the left-hand navigation
The emails located on this screen for your Instructors are also the usernames/email addresses they need to use to log into their Instructor Network accounts.

Please also communicate to your Instructors that they should not create multiple accounts with the Instructor Network. It is easier for the AHA’s National Engagement Center to update an old email address than assist with multiple accounts. It is recommended that Instructors have only one account in use; if an Instructor creates a second one, it takes longer for our developers to identify this and resolve the issue.

Common Issue:
Instructors are not able to access their Instructor Network account using a work computer.

Common Reason:
This is usually due to network security and browser settings at their workplace/on their workplace computer.

Troubleshooting Tips:
1. Enable cookies:
AHA websites now require cookies to be enabled on your browser. Customers can learn how to do this for their devices/browsers at this link:https://static.heart.org/ahasso/ssoidp/ssohelp.html.
2. Add AHA’s single sign-on site to “Trusted Sites” by following these steps:

1. While in Internet Explorer version 9 or above, go to Tools
2. Internet Options
3. Under the Security tab, click “Trusted Sites”
4. Select Sites button
5. Add this website to the zone: *.sso.heart.org
6. Click Close
7. Click Apply
8. Close all browser windows, and restart
Common Issue:
Instructors do not receive their “Reset Password” email.

Common Reason:
This may be due to network security and firewalls at their workplace.

Troubleshooting Tip:
1. Add sso.email@heart.org as an approved contact.
2. Once added, click the “forgot password” reset link again.

Some organizational email addresses may require only their IT department add contacts. If that is the case, please contact your IT department for further assistance.