AHA Knowledge Booster

In an effort to save more lives, the AHA Knowledge Booster was created to reinforce critical CPR and emergency cardiovascular care information. Users can choose the topics appropriate for their level of knowledge – including BLS, ACLS, PALS, and First Aid and CPR Basics. The quiz-based application will feature different types of questions from a wide range of topics depending on the disciplines you select, such as patient scenarios, CPR and defibrillation, rhythm identification, pharmacology, and other topics to test your knowledge. Users can access the AHA Knowledge Booster through the mobile app or online.

Do you remember your CPR training?

Download the app that helps reinforce critical CPR information (and more) to help save lives. 



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The 2018 Resuscitation Education Scientific Statement marks the first time that cardiac specialists have applied education best practices to resuscitation training, offering consolidated guidance to CPR instructors, educators, and others who develop relevant content.

This statement highlights the importance of spaced learning and use of innovative educational strategies during resuscitation training. Shorter, more frequent training sessions have been proven to be more effective in retaining knowledge. Incorporating digital platforms and applying gamified learning can improve engagement and knowledge retention for students who have completed their AHA training.


What is included in the yearly subscription?

Free access to the application several free quizzes with topics around CPR and First Aid Basics. Depending on the type of package the users has purchased, packs for BLS, ACLS, and PALS or an All-In-One Bundle for yearly access as well. Digital access to supplementary resources including BLS, ACLS, PALS, and Heartsaver Reference Cards, algorithms, infographics, and videos are also available.

How much does the app cost?

Users can access a free version of the app, buy individual packs, or purchase an all-in-one bundle:

  • First Aid Basics: Free
  • CPR Basics Free
  • BLS: $1.99
  • ACLS: $2.99
  • PALS: $2.99
  • All-in-One Pack: $3.99

Can the AHA Knowledge Booster be used as a replacement to an AHA Course?

Using the AHA Knowledge Booster App does not replace your AHA course. It functions as a refresher activity to enhance your AHA education retention over time.

How long does it take to complete the series of assessments?

The AHA Knowledge Booster assessments are self-paced and delivered in a specialized cadence. Each assessment is 4-10 questions long.

Who should purchase the app?

This app is intended for healthcare professionals who have recently completed their AHA Provider Courses to help retain important concepts from the course.

The app can also be used by providers to keep knowledge current when they are between renewals or to use the app as a refresher when they are preparing for a renewal course.

Alternatively, the free version of this app is a great retention tool for lay people who want to keep their CPR and First Aid knowledge fresh in case of an emergency.

How do I purchase packs?

After downloading the app, Navigate to the Library Tab to view the AHA Packs. There you will be able to view the Free Packs – CPR Basics and First Aid Basics. Users can access these packs without making a purchase.

To purchase advanced content, select the pack you which to buy, and follow the prompts on your phone. All transactions will be completed through the App Store or Google Play Store with the card you have on file.

Can the AHA Knowledge Booster be played on the computer?

Yes, the AHA Knowledge Booster can be accessed and played on desktop, but you must first sign up using your email on the AHA Knowledge Booster mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. All purchases must also be made through the mobile app. Once a user has signed in and established an account on the AHA Knowledge Booster mobile app, they can then visit the desktop website and play that version.

Demo Video for the AHA Knowledge Booster

View a demo of the different features of the AHA Knowledge Booster, including how to use the discussion board, take quizzes, view your stats on the leaderboard, and more.