How the AHA is Taking Care of the Training Network and Healthcare Providers

We’re listening to your questions and feedback.

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, the AHA is here to support you and serve as a trusted resource to allow for the continuance of safe, high-quality CPR training. We understand the inherent challenges with providing training during this unprecedented time.

Our top priority is the safety of both AHA Instructors and learners.

We care about you and your safety. We’re closely monitoring the pandemic to determine the options for delivering resuscitation education while taking the proper precautions.

To help save lives, training has become even more critical. Training provides lifesaving education that equips healthcare providers with the skills they need. We want to make it easy for you to provide training in a safe manner. Therefore, when and where it is possible for you to offer training, the AHA is providing flexibility through the current training options below.

Training Options COVID_1

Blended learning options

NOTE: For students taking blended learning courses who cannot attend an Instructor-led skills session during this time, they can consider completing the online portion of the course and then complete the skills session when training schedules return to normal. Please note, there is no time limit for completing a hands-on skills session following completion of the online portion of the course.

Blended learning for healthcare providers

AHA HeartCode®

Blended learning courses such as the AHA's HeartCode program or adopting RQI® (Resuscitation Quality Improvement®) are among options to consider.

For CPR training in the age of social distancing, blended learning courses and RQI may be an option for your organization. Both solutions are self-learning resuscitation programs and will allow your staff to maintain critically important High-Quality CPR competence through individual activities that preserve social distancing. Both programs achieve competence without the need to be away from the bedside in a classroom setting.

Blended learning for non-healthcare providers

AHA Heartsaver®

The Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Blended Learning Course combines online instruction with a hands-on skills session. The course teaches participants to provide first aid, CPR, and use an AED in a safe, timely, and effective manner. The course is designed for those with little or no medical training who want to be prepared for an emergency in any setting.