Get Smart About Superfoods Infographic

Get Smart About Superfoods Infographic

Get Smart About Superfoods

So-called “superfoods” alone won’t make you healthier – but adding these nutritious foods to an already balanced diet can bring health benefits.

Beans & Legumes

  • Economical, plant-based source of protein
  • Provide fiber, magnesium and phytonutrients


  • High level of flavonoids
  • Can lower risk of heart attack in women

Dark Leafy Greens

  • Packed with nutrients, fiber and antioxidants
  • Low in calories and carbohydrates

Nuts & Seeds

  • Provide protein, fiber and unsaturated fats
  • Best options are unsalted


  • Whole-grain source of dietary fiber
  • Can lower risk of heart disease stroke and diabetes


  • Provides fiber, potassium and vitamin A
  • Canned is a convenient, nutrient-loaded choice


  • Health protein
  • Provides Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Skinless Poultry

  • Usually leaner than beef
  • Tastes great grilled, roasted or baked


  • Provides calcium, protein & vitamin D
  • Best options are low-fat or fat-free

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