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The Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol™ recognition program acknowledges ambulatory health centers and systems in their efforts to reduce heart attacks and strokes by appropriately managing cholesterol in their at-risk patient populations. The program is designed to help participants improve clinical practice while being celebrated for their hard work and dedication throughout the process.  

Outpatient facilities and care teams play an important role in high cholesterol management and should be recognized for their efforts. View the full list of our 2023 nationally recognized organizations.

We will help promote your success as an example for others to follow. Each Participant and Gold Award recipient will receive a certificate to display their commitment and accomplishment in managing high cholesterol. More information on award levels and the submission process can be found below in our downloadable recognition resources.

National recognition

Promotion from the AHA via media and event recognition

Media assets for community recognition

Toolkit of materials and digital assets such as a template press release and award images

To register, you will need to know:

  • Your organization’s total adult (21-75 years) patient population count
  • The total number of clinical providers in your organization
  • Your organization’s total adult number of patients that are a race other than white and/or identify as Latino or Hispanic ethnicity
  • The total number of clinic locations in your health system
  • Your organization's characteristics, such as multi-specialty, Federally Qualified Health Center, etc.
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Step 1: New Participant Registration

Registration is available year-round.  All practices should register with the Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol program whether they would like to submit for Participation or Gold awards or not.

  • Registrants will have access to the latest program information, tools, and resources.  You will also receive timely information about data submission and recognition opportunities. 
  • Previously registered participants do not need to re-register year-to-year. 

Step 2: Recognition Data Submission

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Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol Related Resources

Data Submission Quick User Guide

Use this downloadable step-by-step guide to get started submitting your data.

Data Collection Worksheet

This short downloadable document will help registrants prepare for the application process.

Full Text

Use this downloadable document to preview our registration and recognition process

Recognition Fact Sheet

Find an overview of the program benefits and how to participate.

Recognition FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol Recognition Program.