Heart to Heart: A Family Guidebook About Congenital Heart Defects  

Heart to HeartHeart to Heart is intended to help parents and caregivers navigate the complex factors involved in caring for a child with CHD. The 182-page book covers an extensive range of topics, including the many types of heart defects, medical procedures, coping, and helpful tips for raising a child with CHD. It also includes pages for recording notes and milestones in the child's development.

Heart to Heart: A Family Guidebook About Congenital Heart Defects was made possible with a gift from Pete and Brandy Nordstrom.

How to Get A Copy

Healthcare providers will be giving copies to families receiving care at Seattle Children's and Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

To request a copy from the American Heart Association, fill out the request form. (Washington state addresses only, one per address)

Online Support Network

As a supplement to the book, the American Heart Association has launched on Online Support Network for CHD caregivers in Washington state. We invite you to join and connect with other CHD families.