Cardiologist Dr. Reetu Sharma and her daughter, Avantika Raina

Dr. Reetu Sharma and her daughter Avantika Raina meditatingWhat has been your silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic? My silver lining has been having more time to introSPECT about life and personal health and well-being. Taking time for physical fitness, taking time for stress management, and taking time to do the things that have been pushed off for far too long that bring not only happiness,  but also peace.

How do you Go Red from home to keep your heart healthy? I take 10 minutes every day to meditate. We have a home gym, but I also love going for runs throughout my work week.

What heart health advice do you have for other women? No matter what the circumstance, take time for yourself. Physical and mental health are closely interrelated. I can tell you from personal experience that staying physically active is imperative for a sound mind.