#REDDAY in France champions women and heart disease

@RedDay France Image

“Sauvez Le Coeur Des Femmes” host its fifth annual “RED DAY” in France on Thursday, May 16 aimed at increasing awareness of the leading killer of women globally, cardiovascular disease. In France, heart disease and stroke will claim the lives of 1 in 3 women, and heart disease claims the lives of all forms of cancer combined.

“RED DAY” is a national day of awareness and education across France where television personalities, celebrities, and public servants “at work, at home, or with your friends” wear red to demonstrate their support of fighting this largely preventable disease, especially in women.

“Sauvez Le Coeur Des Femmes” advocates for awareness, prevention, better diagnosis and control of risk factors related to heart disease in women.

“Sauvez Le Coeur Des Femmes” is a campaign of AJILA, a French organization founded in 2015 to fight for public interests in health and education in France.  #redday #coeurdesfemmes