Using News Content

Republish AHA News content for free

News organizations, publications and health websites can reuse AHA News content for free. AHA News content cannot be used in commercial promotions or advertisements.

Requirements for reuse:

  • Include a byline with the reporter’s name and American Heart Association News.
  • If excerpting from a story, provide attribution to American Heart Association News and a link to the original article on this site.
  • News outlets can make changes to localize the content for their area, use a different headline or edit for length. No other alterations may be made without prior written consent of the American Heart Association.
  • You may use digital art that accompanies a story as long as the full credit line is included and the digital art is only used to accompany the AHA News story. Getty Images may not be used in print.
  • Videos may be used alone, alongside AHA News stories or embedded within your own stories. Videos may not be altered. Include a tagline or video caption credit for American Heart Association News.
  • Content may not be displayed in any way that gives the appearance that the American Heart Association endorses (implied or otherwise) or is affiliated with any product, service or company.

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