Meta App AHA Hands-Only CPR App – Privacy Policy

American Heart Association Meta VR App – Privacy Policy


The American Heart Association’s Hands-Only CPR App offers an immersive educational experience for users to learn about the basics of Hands-Only CPR and how to use an AED. This free, downloadable VR experience aims to provide entertaining and educational awareness about these basic lifesaving skills.

Data Collection

No personal data is collected from users of this app by AHA.

Use of Data

As our VR application operates without data collection, there is no subsequent data utilization. This approach ensures an unobtrusive, enriching user experience.

Data Sharing and Disclosure

AHA does not collect or disseminate user data from consumers utilizing the VR app.

User Consent

We do not engage in any data collection activities, and thus are not required to obtain user consent.

Data Security

AHA has data security measures in place, however in this instance, no consumer personal data is collected from AHA’s VR app thus relieving security concerns relating to user’s data.

User Rights

Since AHA does not collect data from consumers, concerns related to user data rights are not applicable.

Policy Updates

Any modifications to our privacy policy will be duly communicated through the Meta VR store and our application’s various channels, ensuring our users are always well-informed.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices, please feel free to reach out [email protected].

Compliance with Meta’s Guidelines

We explicitly declare our adherence to Meta’s privacy standards for VR applications, underscoring our commitment to maintaining robust privacy protocols.