CPR Throwdown

Quality CPR

High-Quality CPR Throwdown Winners and Event Photos

EMS World 2016 First Place - Team France     EMS World 2016 Second Place - Team DnR     EMS World 2016 Third Place - Beer Thirty

EMS Expo 2014 First Place Pittsburgh 98.2    EMS Expo 2014 Second Place Norway 97.5    EMS Expo 2014 Third Place Air Evac Mafia 97.0

ENA 2014 First Place Funcie Muncie    ENA 2014 Second Place Rockstars    ENA 2014 Third Place Seattle Super Sonic

AACN 2014 First Place The Newbies    AACN 2014 Second Place Nerds    AACN 2014 Third Place Cardiac Pumpers

EMS World Expo 2013 First Place MTEMS/Parkview    EMS World Expo 2013 Second Place Fantastic Four    EMS World Expo 2013 Third Place UCLS EMS