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Its YOUR life they may be saving one day...

For Educators of Grades 6-12

The American Heart Association provides you with materials, teaching aids and online resources to start a program at your schools. Training high school students prior to graduation can add millions trained rescuers and create our next generation of lifesavers.

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CPR in School Training Kit

CPR in Schools Training Kit

Teach students lifesaving CPR skills by using this all-in-one kit. Learning how to save a life will change yours.


A. The American Heart Association's newly upgraded CPR in Schools Training Kit™ enables students to learn the lifesaving skills of CPR in just one class period. Plus, the kit teaches AED use and choking relief. The easy-to-use kit is designed specifically for the needs of schools. The kit’s brand new wheeled bag allows for convenient movement from classroom to classroom and easy storage. It’s also reusable – one kit can train hundreds of people.

A. The instructional DVD included in the kit reflects science from the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. Guidance for providing necessary science updates from the 2015 Guidelines to students is provided in the CPR in Schools Lesson Plan.

A. The CPR in Schools Training Kit can be purchased at or by calling the CPR in Schools Hotline at (866) 935-5484.

A. The kit was developed for educators, school nurses or even student leaders to train groups of 10-20 students at once in a school setting. The kit can also be used to train school faculty, staff, parents, volunteers and community members to extend the lifesaving skills into the community.

A. Each state has specific CPR legislation. Please refer to the interactive map at to see the legislation for your state.

Q: How many kits do I need to train my student body?
A. Each CPR in Schools Training Kit can train 10-20 students at once. If your class contains 30 students, you can purchase three kits to train your whole class at one time or you can purchase one or more kits and train students in groups of 10 at a time.

Q: Will students who complete this training program receive an AHA course completion card?
A. No, completion of this course does not result in an AHA card. However, facilitators can issue certificates of participation to the all who complete the course by using the included template.

Q: Can the CPR in Schools Training Kit be used to teach Hands-Only CPR or CPR with breaths?
A. Yes. The kit teaches Hands-Only CPR and also CPR with breaths (used with children) for schools interested in teaching that skill.

Q: What is included in the CPR in Schools Training Kit?
A: The portable, easy-to-use kit includes

  • 1 Wheeled classroom carry bag
  • 10 Mini Anne Plus inflatable manikins
  • 10 Kneel mats
  • 10 Individual carry bags
  • 1 Hand pump for manikin inflation
  • 5 Practice-while-watching training DVDs
  • 1 Facilitator Guide
  • 1 Facilitator Binder that contains the lesson plan, pre- and post-test, and additional supplementary material
  • 10 AED training simulators
  • 2 Mesh collection and storage bags
  • 10 Replacement airways
  • 10 Replacement face masks
  • 50 Manikin wipes
Q: What curriculum and skills are taught in the CPR in Schools Training Kit?
A: This course covers
• Adult Hands-Only CPR
• Child CPR
• Adult and child choking relief
• Use of an AED

Q: About how long does CPR in Schools training take to complete?
A: The kit is designed to teach the core skills of CPR in one class period.

Q: Is the CPR in Schools Training Kit available in other languages?
A: Yes, the kit is fully bilingual (English/Spanish) for the US market. No additional translations
Of the kit are planned at this time.

Q: Does the CPR in Schools Training Kit teach infant CPR?
A: No. However, Infant CPR Anytime® is available at and provides anyone who cares for an infant under 12 months old with the lifesaving skills of infant CPR.

Q: How is the CPR in Schools Training Kit packaged?
A. The all-in-one CPR in Schools Training Kit comes in a canvas, zippered bag measuring 790 × 300 × 450 mm (31.1 × 11.8 × 17.7 inches). The cardboard box one kit is shipped in measures 825 × 300 × 465 mm (32.5 × 11.8 × inches).

Q: Is the Mini Anne Plus manikin latex-free?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the CPR in Schools Training Kit DVD closed captioned for the hearing impaired?
A: Yes

Q: How many times can I use the CPR in Schools Training Kit?
A: Each kit trains hundreds of students, and each manikin can withstand a maximum of 300,000 compressions.

Q: Can the CPR in Schools Training Kit be used by groups or organizations that are not schools?
A: Yes.

Q: Are the individual components of the CPR in Schools Training Kit sold separately?
A: Yes. Replacement faces, lungs and manikin alcohol wipes may be purchased separately at

Q: What do I do if 1 of the 10 manikins in my kit becomes punctured or torn?
A: Replacement Mini Anne Plus manikins may be purchased separately at

Q: Do the manikins have a warranty?
A: The quality and value of the Mini Anne Plus manikins is supported by a limited warranty that provides assurance that they will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. A copy of the limited warranty for any product is available  here for your review before purchase:

Q: Can I return the CPR in Schools Training Kit?
A: Because of the nature of this product, the AHA does not accept returns on this product except
as covered by the limited warranty here:

Q: Whom should I contact if I have problems with the CPR in Schools Training Kit?
A: For problems with this product, customers should contact the CPR in Schools Hotline at (866) 935-5484.