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heartsaver HERO
Cindy and Jared Osaki

Cindy and Jared Osaki were recently awarded the Heartsaver Hero Award from the American Heart Association (AHA) for their skills in helping save the life of family member Reid.

The AHA recognized the mother and son duo for their heroic action performing CPR while at their Hawaiian home. While sleeping, Reid suffered a heart attack and was experiencing seizure-like symptoms that woke his wife, Cindy. Reid had no pulse, and Cindy knew that CPR was needed immediately. Calling their son Jared to the bedroom, they moved Reid to the floor, the best surface on which to perform CPR. Jared then dialed 911, while Cindy started compressions.

Thankfully, both Cindy and Jared knew the lifesaving skill of CPR and, as a team, they alternated between compressions and breaths. After five minutes, emergency responders arrived. They took over CPR and brought out an AED. Twenty minutes later, Reid was stable enough to transport to a hospital.

The Osaki family now advocates for CPR education through the AHA’s affiliate in Hawaii and the State of Hawaii’s CPR in School legislative effort. In fact, a bill has been introduced for Hawaii’s district representative to have CPR as part of Hawaii’s public high school health education graduation requirements.

“This is very exciting to me and my family, knowing that more lives can be saved as a result of this impending legislation,” said Reid.

Know someone who has used CPR or an AED to save a life? Nominate them for a HeartSaver Hero award.