ECC Training Center Criteria

NOTE: At this time, the AHA is not establishing new AHA Training Centers. We are currently focused on enhancing quality within our current Training Centers.

Establishment and renewal of AHA Training Center (TC) contracts are at the sole discretion of the AHA. The AHA makes these decisions based on its ability to support all TCs effectively and efficiently.

The AHA considers each of these factors when approving or renewing a TC contract:

  • The establishment of a TC supports the AHA mission.
  • The training needs of a given area are based on geography, population, corporate/community needs, and the healthcare environment.
  • The relationship of the TC with the AHA does not place the AHA in a conflict of interest.
  • The TC’s aligned AHA Instructors meet the established criteria and are eligible to fulfill the role.
  • The TC meets the general liability insurance requirements outlined in the Liability Insurance for TCs section of the AHA’s Program Administration Manual (this document is available to current AHA TCs and Instructors on the AHA Instructor Network).
  • The TC maintains Internet access and a current, active email address.