Saving Lives is Why

The American Heart Association supports
...the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations to save more lives from cardiac arrest. Read about theAHA's response to the IOM report, as outlined in our Special Report (opens new window) and Presentation PDF (opens new window).

AHA's Commitments to a Resuscitation Learning Health System
...will save an additional 50,000 lives per year. 

Learn how our system helps in this infographic PDF

High-Quality CPR increases patient survival and improves outcomes. AHA is committed to developing solutions that can help providers save more lives.

AHA’s Hands-Only CPR gives everyone the ability to help save a life when a cardiac arrest happens at home, at work or in public. Learn the two simple steps to save a life in just a minute.
AHA’s Get With The Guidelines® – Resuscitation is designed to collect resuscitation data from hospitals nationwide and create evidence-based guidelines for inpatient CPR.

The American Heart Association’s Resuscitation Quality Improvement® (RQI) program is a groundbreaking new approach to help healthcare providers maintain competency in CPR so they can save more lives.