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How to Become an AHA Instructor

Becoming an American Heart Association instructor is easy after consulting with an American Heart Association Training Center to find out whether the Training Center (TC) is accepting new instructors and the TCC's (Training Center Coordinator) preferred course delivery.

The steps are simple – get started today!

  1. Complete an Instructor Candidate Application for your local Training Center before enrolling in an Instructor Course. Locate a local Training Center.
  2. Have current AHA provider status in the discipline of the Instructor Course, and be proficient in all the skills of that discipline. Disciplines include ACLS, BLS, PALS, PEARS® and Heartsaver®.
  3. Successfully complete the discipline-specific Instructor Essentials online course, and print the course completion certificate. 
  4. Successfully complete the discipline-specific classroom Instructor Course. 
  5. Successfully be monitored teaching your first course within six months after completing the Instructor Course. Training Center Coordinators may require additional monitoring.

Once you become an Instructor, you will have access to the most current emergency cardiovascular care science, course updates, training resources and tools through the online AHA Instructor Network. You will also be able to post class dates and times to reach more students through our public website.

Instructor Courses

AHA Instructor Essentials

Instructor Essentials are a required step in becoming an AHA Instructor. Materials for conducting AHA Instructor courses are available for the following disciplines
• Heartsaver

For more detailed information on the AHA Instructor Essentials courses, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) or visit (opens new window).

Structured & Supported Debriefing

This course is for ACLS, PALS and BLS Instructors, and teaches instructors how to conduct a structured and supported debriefing using a directed debriefing approach.

Learn more about Structured & Supported Debriefing