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Structured and Supported Debriefing teaches advanced life support instructors how to facilitate an effective debriefing of their students within 10 minutes after a skills practice session.

The course focuses on a learner-centered debriefing model, draws on evidence-based findings from behavioral science, focuses on critical thinking and encourages participants to analyze their performance and motivations.

The course is self-paced and is completed entirely online.

This course is designed for advanced life support Instructors, specifically those teaching ACLS and PALS courses. This course is also appropriate for Basic Life Support Instructors who may desire advanced debriefing skills.
  • Video enactments of three different  simulation scenarios
  • Interactive virtual debriefing sessions with Q&A to engage students
  • User-centered instructional design
  • Introduces Gather-Analyze-Summarize technique for debriefing
  • Access to course for 12 months allows for ongoing refresher
  • Generating an accurate record of the events

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Course Content

  • Methods for conducting debriefing 
  • Creating a supportive environment 
  • Establishing roles and goals of the interaction 
  • Genuine inquiry 
  • Active listening 
  • Organized communication 
  • Generating an accurate record of the events 
  • Dealing with obstacles and challenges

Additional Information

Student Materials

80-1531 Structured and Supported Debriefing Course Key

eLearning (online lessons)

Students can access a downloadable Certificate of Completion after successful completion of the course.

Students participate in online lessons by watching video simulation scenarios and completing a series of interactive questions. No skills session is required.

Q: Does the AHA determine the cost for all training courses and the accompanying course materials?

A: Costs for courses and materials are determined by Training Centers or Instructors and may vary. The AHA does not regulate price; however, provides its authorized distributors suggested retail pricing on course materials.