Quality CPR

High-Quality CPR Throwdown Winners and Event Photos

First Place: Pittsburgh 98.2
EMS Expo 2014 First Place Pittsburgh 280x180

Second Place: Norway 97.5
EMS Expo 2014 Second Place Norway 280x180

Third Place: Air Evac Mafia 97.0
EMS Expo 2014 Third Place Air Evac Mafia 280x180

First Place: Funcie Muncie
QCPR ENA 2014 Funcie First Place

Second Place: Rockstars
QCPR ENA Rockstars second place

Third Place: Seattle Super Sonic
QCPR ENA Seattle super sonic third place

First Place: The Newbies
AACN 2014  First Place

Second Place: Nerds
AACN 2014 Second Place

Third Place: Cardiac Pumpers
AACN 2014 Third Place

First Place - MTEMS/Parkview
EMS World Exp 2013 First Place - MTEMS/Parkview

Second Place - Fantastic Four
EMS World Expo 2013 Second Place - Fantastic Four

Third Place - UCLS EMS
EMS World Expo 2013 Third Place - UCLS EMS
EMS World Exp 2013 judges 280

EMS World Exp 2013 judges 280