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Life is why…

We are here to help. Please contact the AHA team of experts to help you with all of your community program and implementation needs.

Community CPR Managers

This dedicated team helps community groups, organizations and companies implement community CPR training programs using CPR Anytime® AdultCPR Anytime® Infant and Family & Friends® CPR.

To speak with a Community CPR Manager, please call 1-877-AHA-4CPR and ask to be connected to the Community CPR Manager in your area.

Funding Resources

Are you interested in starting a CPR Anytime community program, but need help funding your initiative?  The Community CPR Managers can provide funding ideas and sample documents to help seek financial assistance.

CPR Anytime Facilitator Guide

CPR Anytime Facilitator Guide (PDF)
This guide is a resource for those who want to facilitate large groups of CPR Anytime users. 

Tell Us Your CPR Story

Heartsaver Hero Award
Are you a survivor of cardiac arrest? Have you saved a life by performing CPR? We want to hear from you — help us spread the word that CPR saves lives! Submit your story using our online form and we can spread the word on our website. 

Free Resources

Free resources around Hands-Only CPR help you learn and pass on this lifesaving information. The Beat is a free, online, interactive website designed to teach teens about the simple steps to save a life via games, music, videos and prizes. Also, see below for sample plans around First Aid, Emergency Treatment and Administration of Medication for Students.

MERPS Sample Plan One (Word)

MERPS Sample Plan Two (Word)

Q & A for MERPS (PDF)

MERPS Scientific Statement - Reprint (PDF)