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heartsaver HERO
Mackinsey Sifuentes and familyMackinsey Sifuentes was recently awarded the Heartsaver Hero Award from the American Heart Association (AHA) for her hard work in helping to save the life of her mother.

The AHA recognized the 12-year old Georgia native for her heroic act of performing CPR. Mackinsey was able to think quickly and remain calm when her mother began choking, which completely blocked her airway, resulting in respiratory arrest. Recognizing this was a life-threatening situation, Mackinsey called 911 and was given CPR instructions over the phone from the dispatcher.

CPR was performed for over four minutes by Mackinsey until the arrival of Paulding County, Fire & Rescue unit. Once emergency personnel arrived on the scene, they determined that the mother’s airway obstruction had been cleared, and her life saved, thanks to the daughter’s quick action and CPR.

According to David Mumford, Paulding County’s 911 Director, “Often 911 personnel are referred to as the ‘First-First Responders’, they train continuously and are dedicated to serving the community. This call is an excellent example of a situation where the emergency skills of our Communications Officers being ‘first on the scene’, along with the brave young lady caller, saved a life. Everyone involved with this call should be proud of the outcome.”